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The last love song on this little planet. [entries|friends|calendar]

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Sep 19th, 25 at 9:53pm]


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Aug 23rd, 25 at 12:55am]
O hai
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Writer's Block: Freaky Friday [Saturday
Sep 10th, 11 at 12:05am]
If you could become a member of the opposite sex for just one day, what would you do?
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Jul 17th, 11 at 12:02am]
I wish I knew why everyone felt the need to argue with me about MY OPINION fgkjhdgfjhgjhdfkjghdfjkhgjdfghjd leave me aloneeeeeeee
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Jul 16th, 11 at 11:17am]
I don't know whats worse, the fact he couldnt tell me and had to have his friend tell me or the fact it utterly crushed me.

I legit give the fuck up on men. Without a doubt. The only GOOD man I have ever met in my entire life is my Father.

I guess casual sex fits me better than actually giving a fuck.
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Jul 16th, 11 at 3:52am]
[ mood | disappointed ]

I wish I didn't "like" or "love" so hard. It would make life so much easier.

Back to my "fuck you, fuck the world, oh you have a girlfriend? Cool story bro." attitude.

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Mar 6th, 11 at 6:58am]
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Feb 19th, 11 at 3:42pm]
52 or so days celibate.

Go me?
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Feb 18th, 11 at 10:07pm]
Lately, I have been logging in to LJ and checking to see if I made an entry on the exact same day last year. If there is an entry, its kind of fun to try and remember where I was and what mindset I was in, to see how much changed. It's kind of shocking but I do it anyway.

Thats all.
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Feb 11th, 11 at 10:48pm]
Julie Prototype: omg
Julie Prototype: shut up
nakayubi555: ??
Julie Prototype: legend of dragoon on deck
Julie Prototype: my night just got awesome
nakayubi555: D: lol
Julie Prototype: ah fuck
Julie Prototype: that means i gotta watch whats his face
Julie Prototype: die again
Julie Prototype: fml
nakayubi555: th green guy
Julie Prototype: yeah
Julie Prototype:
nakayubi555: and dart is like
nakayubi555: greeeeeeeeeeen guyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Julie Prototype: and i am like
Julie Prototype: GREEEEN GUYYYY
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Jan 11th, 11 at 10:42pm]
I will never understand how people can sit there and say they are out of my league? Really? That sick sense of ego is exactly why I can't stand spending time with him!

I have so much to bring to a relationship it isn't even funny.
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Jan 7th, 11 at 9:25pm]
Too much negativity, not enough positivity!

Out of work till the 16th but all my co-workers call/text me to see how I am doing, so lucky <3 I really do love my job and can't wait to start back to school this month! While my course load is cut in half due to this accident, I can't wait to get back into the classroom.

A guy I stupidly ignored because I didn't know what step to take next, the whole normal dating thing was new to me, is back in the picture. He is such a cool guy, I enjoy having him as a friend :]

Kenney is out of the picture finally. It's for the best, he needs to focus on his wifey and I need to focus on people who are not wifed! Lol.

The Bengals/Ravens game was a BLAST! Seeing football in person is ahmazing!

What else...?

Oh. I love brownies. omnomnomnom.
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Jan 6th, 11 at 12:31am]
I fell in love with someone elses toy. Biggest mistake of my life.
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Jan 4th, 11 at 3:39pm]
The cherry on top : I got in a 4 car pile up going to work. Car totaled. I am out of work for the week. fml.
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First #blackops game of 2011.....I can deal with this. on Twitpic [Saturday
Jan 1st, 11 at 12:23am]
First #blackops game of 2011.....I can deal with this. on Twitpic
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It Takes Two to Tango [Wednesday
Dec 29th, 10 at 3:38pm]
[ mood | confused ]

This situation is too shitty not to share with the world.

So I was HALF correct in my assumption about Jon, my "friends" boyfriend. He turned into an ex and about a week later, I realized "Hey, I really kind of like this guy" and we...well...did it. I was so okay with NOT doing it, so much so I held out for over an hour and a half! He really tried hard! But, like men, I too have a sex drive and finally gave in.

Now, while I realize this is incredibly fucked up, he kept assuring me him and Michelle were done. He made it painfully obvious to everyone she was, and I quote "fucking psycho and can't stand to be alone" among other things. I would normally never do this to a friend, please trust that I would NEVER EVER EVER DO THIS TO A FRIEND. But this girl, she made my life and living hell and changed my Brother and I's relationship to something that isn't nearly as close or loving as it used to be. While I did forgive her for that, I definitely felt no loyalties towards her. If I find a guy that I honestly enjoyed spending time with, I was not going to let the fact she was involved ruin that.

Well, here is me with egg on my face. He is now back with Michelle, the whole world knows I did indeed sleep with him, and I have 30 and 40 somethings threatening to kick my ass. I can't be upset because I put myself in this situation but I was pretty upset I let myself get hurt. Normally, the friends with benefits I have had, don't spend a straight 24 hours together, but that's just me.

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Dec 28th, 10 at 8:58pm]
And that is karma. I am the one who ends up broken.
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Dec 28th, 10 at 7:59pm]

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Dec 19th, 10 at 2:59pm]
[ mood | shocked ]

"You're no longer my sister....go fuck yourself."

Well, thats always nice to hear.

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Dec 11th, 10 at 7:22pm]
Julie Prototype: i could never hang with that shit
Julie Prototype: i make myself sick
Julie Prototype: for real
Julie Prototype: when i KNOW im competing against another female?
Julie Prototype: fuck. no.
Julie Prototype: i can't handle the pressure
Julie Prototype: -3-
notnubcakelegen: I love how you don't already know that you'd kick her ass
Julie Prototype: shes hot
Julie Prototype: they have hictory
Julie Prototype: history*
notnubcakelegen: Julie
Julie Prototype: what
notnubcakelegen: Let's say, hypothetically
notnubcakelegen received G:\Taylor Swift - Speak Now CDRip 320Kb [All Cov+CD][MJN]\10. Better Than Revenge - Taylor Swift.mp3.
notnubcakelegen: That the worlds most beautiful woman, rich as fuck, etc., and a fairly normal personality, were to approach me seeking marriage
notnubcakelegen: But as she arrived, you were asking the same of me
notnubcakelegen: I would tell her to fuck off
Julie Prototype: thats not true at all
Julie Prototype: and you know it
Julie Prototype: because you know with me
notnubcakelegen: lmao
Julie Prototype: you could marry her
Julie Prototype: and STILL have me
Julie Prototype: as long as you gave me enough of ehr $$$
Julie Prototype: her*
Julie Prototype: picked me up in her whip
Julie Prototype: took me out to the movies on her card?
Julie Prototype: oh yeah.
notnubcakelegen: Haha Julie
notnubcakelegen: That's such a you response
Julie Prototype: hahaha :]
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